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St Nicholas is an Eco-School! We work hard to maintain our status was holders of a green flag. Eco-Schools is an international award programme that helps make sustainability an integral part of our everyday school life. Our Eco team is an enthusiastic group of pupils from throughout the school. Our mission is to keep our school as green as possible. We want to be sustainable and encourage not only the pupils, but other members of our community to look after the world around us. It is important that we work as a team to teach good habits and understanding within school so that the message can be taken home and into the wider community. 


We meet every Wednesday lunch time to talk about our challenges and how we can solve them. 




Our latest project........


This year we have taken on our biggest project to date. With our greenhouse blowing away in last years storms, we decided to take action. The Eco team asked for the whole school to help in our plans to build a new greenhouse from recycled plastic bottles. 


The whole school pulled together to collect a staggering 2800 two litre plastic bottles. But now the hard work really begins. We have to cut the bottoms from every single one of the 2800 bottles! We then have to thread the bottles onto bamboo canes. With the weather being so horrible of late, we have been unable to get outside to do very much. We are hoping that Spring will be a little kinder to our project. 


Once all all our bottles are cut and thread we can start the big build. Mr Palmer from ISG construction is going to bring a team to help us put it all together. Watch this space!

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