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The welsh question of the week is:


Oes brawd gyda ti? Oes chwaer gyda ti?     Do you have a brother? Do you have a sister? 


Oes/ Nag oes.

Oes mae un/dau/tri brawd/chwaer gyda fi.       Yes I have 1/2/3 brohers/ sisters. 

Nag oes, does dim brawd/chwaer gyda fi      No I don't have a brother/sister. 

Video tutorial for Google Classroom to support blended learning in kS2

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Collective Worship 3 - The Holy Trinity

We miss you all ❤

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Tutorial to access place mats, learning resources and uploading work in J2E

Croeso i Dosbarth 4!


Teacher: Mr Jones



Welcome to the Class 4 section of the website.  For all of our pupils this is the final class of Key Stage 2 and indeed for Year 6 pupils St. Nicholas Primary School.  It will undoubtedly be a very busy year as the children prepare for transition to secondary school.  In Class 4 we like to learn new things in fun and exciting ways, including going on some amazing class trips to places nobody would have been before. We also focus on developing the skill of independence, not only in Numeracy and Literacy but in all areas of the curriculum and for life.  The aim is to develop children's creative thinking through topics which allow them to access a wide variety of learning styles.  


All the staff in Class 4 expect a high standard of behaviour, respect and a solid work ethic.







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