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Dosbarth Sycamore

The welsh question of the week is:


Oes brawd gyda ti? Oes chwaer gyda ti?     Do you have a brother? Do you have a sister? 


Oes/ Nag oes.

Oes mae un/dau/tri brawd/chwaer gyda fi.       Yes I have 1/2/3 brohers/ sisters. 

Nag oes, does dim brwad/chwaer gyda fi      No I don't have a brother/sister. 

Video tutorial for Google Classroom to support blended learning in kS2

Collective Worship 3 - The Holy Trinity

We miss you all ❤

St Nicholas Church In Wales Primary School

Tutorial to access place mats, learning resources and uploading work in J2E

Dosbarth 3!


Learning is fun in Class 3. Hard work is rewarded as is effort. The class travel far afield to experiences places the children would probably have never visited before! It is very important that class rules are stuck to and if not, sanctions will be implemented.

The children work individually, in pairs and in groups and must co-operate with others to share ideas and brain power.






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