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Dosbarth 3

Dosbarth 3!


Learning is fun in Class 3. Hard work is rewarded as is effort. The class travel far afield to experiences places the children would probably have never visited before! It is very important that class rules are stuck to and if not, sanctions will be implemented.

The children work individually, in pairs and in groups and must co-operate with others to share ideas and brain power.


Here are some dates for the diary

  • Monday – Spelling tests are carried out on Monday and new spellings for the week ahead are given.
  • Monday / Tuesday /Wednesday/Thursday– Book Changing Days. Please could you ensure that if the book has been read, it is signed by an adult (older brother/sister) to enable it to be changed. Every child has been given a specific reading day. Please use the reading records as a method of communication. 
  • P.E. days are normally Monday and Thursday (afternoons). Please ensure that the children have appropriate clothing for sessions both indoors and outdoors. 



Each week children are expected to do 4 fundamental tasks:-

  1. Practice Spellings
  2. Read a range of books
  3. Practice Multiplication Tables
  4. Practice skills taught in mathematics by accessing Active Learn to consolidate skills     (see the link on the homepage)

Additional homework tasks will also be given and plenty of time provided for them to be undertaken.






The topic for the first half of the term is Travel Agents. 

We will be investigating countries, landmarks and destinations from all over the world. It would be fantastic if the children could bring in postcards, photos, pictures or memorabilia from destinations that they have visited to be displayed on our world map. 

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