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Dosbarth Willow

Just 2 Easy Tutorial video 2 for pupils and parents to support blended learning

A second tutorial on J2E to support blended learning

Just 2 Easy Infant Toolkit (JIT)

Just2Easy turned heads at the BETT 2010 educational technology show with their new online software, Just2Easy Infant toolkit. It's easy to use yet extremely ...

Collective Worship 3 - The Holy Trinity

We miss you all ❤

St Nicholas Church In Wales Primary School

Tutorial to access place mats, learning resources and uploading work in J2E

Croeso i Dosbarth 1


Class 1 is a mixed Reception and year one class


Class Teacher Mrs H Taylor-Gibbs -  Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday am

Class Teacher Mrs R Morris - Wednesday pm Thursday & Friday

     Teaching Assistants - Mrs R Gronow, Mrs S Speakman, Mrs L Bowsher


Welcome to Class One.

Joining a new school or settling can be a challenging time for very young children and it is important that their needs are considered at all times.  Our school ethos  has a strong pastoral focus and every child is encouraged to care for each other. - We are a school family. Each child in our classroom is unique and as such they develop at different rates. We value effort and delight in seeing the children achieve even the smallest step of success.


Learning is fun! You can not teach experience, so where possible we like to allow children to get hands on and experience things for themselves. Much of our learning is done through hands on practical activities. Each child in our classroom is unique and as such they develop at different rates. We value effort and success no matter how small the step.


Literacy skills are life skills essential to developing every area of our learning. We dedicate a great deal of time to improving  basic phonic, spelling and sentence  skills work.  Reading is vital and pupils take home reading books each week to practice at home, as well as being heard regularly in school. We ask that you take time to support your child in their learning to read and listen to them on a regular basis.


In maths the children have basic mental activities each day together with plenty of opportunities to use number within continuous and enhanced areas. Again support from home is vital to developing basic skills such as number recognition, addition and subtraction.




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